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Blog from the Bog

on October 26, 2013

As many of you may know, I have a tendency to wander into Sillytown now and again and run for public office. I do silly really, really well. So, when I heard last year that there was a Cranberry Bog in the middle of Food and Wine Festival (it might have been there before, I just didn’t hear about it),I made it my goal to one day frolic through that bog in my very own OceanSpray waders. (I know. Dream big.)


At the time that I aimed for this particular goal, I thought it would be pretty easy to accomplish because, no way would OceanSpray put a mini-bog in the middle of a festival that attracts hundreds of thousands of people and NOT let them get in it. Right? WRONG. As it turns out, you have to be somebody pretty freakin’ important to put on those PVC pants. It took me approximately 10 months to come up with my strategy for getting into that berry puddle and when it finally dawned on me, I wondered why it had not occurred to me before; I would bug the s*it out of OceanSpray on Twitter. (Honestly, this is my strategy -through various mediums- for mostly everything. Just FYI.) So I fired up my computer and my phone and my iPad and some other peoples’ phones when I could steal them off various tables, and with my super-brilliant hashtag #GetintheBog, I started tweeting OceanSpray.

No, I am not above this kind of hinting.

No, I am not above this kind of hinting.

See that little response down there under my tweet? That’s OceanSpray actually responding to my crazy. And it only took me like a week of daily tweets. So, after a couple of private messages with the OceanSpray media relations lady and a background check (just kidding. They didn’t even find my priors!) I got an invite to GET IN THE BOG. Actually, it was an invitation to a cocktail party after which I would be allowed to bogromp (new verb).

The night of the party I put on respectable-yet-versatile clothing and ridiculously high shoes and made my way from the Boardwalk (where I left Joe and Ben scoffing at my “work event”) to the rose garden just past Innoventions. First thing I noticed? There were cocktail tables in the bog. For real guys? I don’t think those grow there.



I managed to get past the very stern cast member at the rope entrance to the rose garden with my confirmation e-mail and my dental records and a written statement of intent to behave and I was in. Now, I’ve been to my fair share of cocktail parties, so I was expecting some hors d’oeuvres and a cocktail or seven. What I wasn’t expecting was a six-country cranberrypalooza with custom passport and taste adventure.


Do what now? Passport. Food. Passport.

Do what now? Passport. Food. Passport.

What kind of stuff did they have? Cranberry cocktail, cranberry-braised short ribs, fried rice with cranberries, you name it. I worked my way around all the countries tasting stuff except the scotch egg. Trying too hard, England. Trying too hard.

IMG_5053 IMG_5057 DSC_0266 DSC_0267 IMG_5058


Now, see that last picture there with the little biscuits? This is where things start to get good. Those are the offering from the France table, the last table I tried because well, it was ALL the way over there and France and I have a long history of dislike. When I trekked across the grass though (did I mention ridiculously high shoes?) and saw the sign for the France table, I nearly snorted. It happens in public sometimes. What are these little biscuits? Artisinal Cheese Brioche with Cranberry Accents. ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME, FRANCE? SIX words to describe cranberry cheesy biscuits? Cranberry ACCENTS? It was then that a party bar was set. I decided that from then on, I was not attending a party unless there was some kind of artisinal cheese brioche with fruit accent on the menu. Because I love them this much:



My friend Shelley is very serious about them as well.



At this point, the media people got tired of our chicanery and began sending groups down to the bog. I was in what was supposed to be the last group, and I didn’t feel like hanging around looking at an empty brioche table, so I snuck into Shelley’s group.  I apologize for this and later did pennance in the form of walking back to my hotel in the rain.

We walked down to the bog, went behind some super-secret bushes (seriously) and it was then that I became an OceanSpray fan for life. I’m not kidding; I’m going to put Craisins in everything from now on because at that moment, OceanSpray. Gave us. Knee socks. RED ONES.



My only sadness was that I had to cover them up with waders. I did though (note to self – waders with a skirt is not optimal) and we did a dainty sit and spin over the wall into the bog. This is Shelley’s entry. I gave it a solid 8 for nothing but the fact that she accessorized her air-filled suit with a sassy cardigan.


Once in the bog (which by the way was the America food location for the night. Showoffs) we were offered chicken and cranberry wraps and more cocktails. I passed on both as I neither wanted to fall nor drown and I had pictures to take. As Shelley and I waded (it’s a lot like walking in a kiddie pool) we noticed that there were people watching us. A LOT of people. And, because there were no CMs around, those people started asking us questions. Namely, HOW DID YOU GET IN THERE WE WANT IN THERE WHY DOES IT SMELL LIKE CHICKEN? We explained that we were bloggers, which actually just got us a bunch of dirty looks. So we took some pictures. And Shelley tried to do serious video for her website, which was ruined when I threw cranberries at her.

IMG_5064 IMG_5065 IMG_5066 DSC_0271

It was at this point that Joe and Ben showed up to say hi. If there’s anything that bumps up a relationship, it’s seeing your girlfriend in waders throwing cranberries at a coworker. Ladies, keep that in mind. We only got about 15 minutes in and, after a glorious over-the-low-wall dismount, I unsuited and scurried back up to the garden to get my swag bag. Here again, OceanSpray really kicked it up a notch. It’s a mini Lands End bag with my name on it. And cookies. Cranberry and white chocolate cookies. And a special edition bog pin. Well played, OceanSpray.



I rejoined Joe and Ben who, now that I think about it, were walking kind of far away from me, and we headed back just as it started to rain. All in all, it was a successful night because, well, I would have been good with just the free socks.


3 responses to “Blog from the Bog

  1. Jackie Duncan says:

    Your sense of humor is so refreshing and fun!! Living in New England I have taken cranberries for granted. This will end now. Well done, Morgan. I think Ocean Spray knew what they were getting when they gave you an in to the bog!!

  2. krissy m. murphy says:

    Heck yes, what a bog romp!

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